Jimmy Kimmel Tests Miami With Bogus Heat Questions, Miami Fails

Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" travels the nation, asking bullshit questions to our least knowledgeable residents so we can all point and laugh at them. Last night, the crew came to Miami to ask Heat fans about topics like backup point guard MuShu Pork, three-point shooter Lando Calrissian, and of course LeBron James' ability to play through a "bruised vulva."

Miami did not fare well. But before Heat-hating nation jumps on the video as ultimate proof of our overflowing bandwagon, we've got some bones to pick with the "Lie Witness News" crew.

Notice any problems with that picture? OK, other than the shirtless dude who waxed poetically about the Heat's ability to shut down San Antonio bench player Darius Beefaghetti.

That's right, other than one dude cherry picked outside AA Areana, all these "Heat fans" were taped on Ocean Drive. OCEAN DRIVE. There about as many native, actual Miamians on Ocean Drive as there are in downtown Tulsa.

But Jimmy Kimmel has definitively proved that tourists wandering around Ocean Drive don't know much about the NBA or the Miami Heat and should probably brush up on their Star Wars trivia, so there's that.

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