Jimmy Johnson Cast on Next Season of Survivor

Big Jimmy Johnson news day, we suppose. He wasn't at home during the bizarre standoff at his mansion yesterday, because he's off filming reality TV. The 67-year-old former head coach of the Hurricanes and the Dolphins (and, oh yeah, some sort of team somewhere in Texas) will be a cast member on the next season of CBS's long-running reality show Survivor. But how will he survive without whatever magical product it is he uses to keep his hair perfect and, of course, his supply of Extenze boner pills?

The show's 21st season will be set in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, and began filming sometime late last month. It doesn't seem that the next season will be celebrity-filled either, because Johnson was reportedly considered to compete in Survivor: Gabon in 2008 but failed a physical. 

Former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom has also competed on the show. He used to play for that Texas team. What's it called? The Arlen Pigboys? San Antonio MooMen? 

If Johnson wins, it will obviously be his most spectacular victory since the NCAA Championship with the Hurricanes. 

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