The Larranaga shuffle
The Larranaga shuffle
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Jim Larranaga Busts Out Amazing Locker-Room Dance as UM Advances to Sweet 16

When Shane Larkin drained a game-winning three yesterday with seconds left to secure the U's second-ever trip to the Sweet 16, Canes fans everywhere went bananas. But no one -- repeat, NO ONE -- rocked the win as hard as Coach Jim Larranaga.

Inside the locker room after the W, the nation's college coach of the year busted out some footwork rarely attempted by human beings not holding an umbrella next to Ginger Rogers.

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OK, so the fancy footwork was actually an homage to Muhammad Ali in the ring (though Riptide can't recall the Louisville Lip ever shuffling around with that kind of a grin on his face).

Larranaga's display means he can add another trophy this year to his shelf: most GIF'd moment of the tournament to date.

But who can blame the guy? These Canes have been everything the football team hasn't for nearly a decade: clutch, deadly, extremely fun to watch.

On Sunday, the University of Illinois gave the U everything it could handle, taking a one-point lead with 60 seconds left to play. That's when Larkin poured in a triple to give the Canes a lead; on the other end of the floor, a questionable call -- UM's Kenny Kadji seemed to deflect a missed Illini three out-of-bounds before a ref gave the Canes the ball -- helped seal the deal.

UM now heads to D.C. -- Larranaga's old stomping grounds at George Mason -- to take on No. 3 seed Marquette this Thursday.

The Canes are one of three Florida teams to roll into the round of 16. Along with the Gators, the amazing dunking Florida Gulf Coast University became the first 15 seed ever to make it this far in the tourney by knocking off San Diego State University.

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