Jets Suspend and Fine Sal Alosi, Dolphin-Tripping Coach

One of the hyperbolic threads in the Dolphins-Jets rivalry is that Miami fans think that the Jets organizations is basically trash, or as they apparently say in the team's home state of Jersey, "muff cabbage." Jets strength coach Sal Alosi offered shocking and appalling evidence of that on Sunday when he purposely tripped up cornerback Nolan Carrol. The Jets have now suspended Alosi without pay for the rest of the season and fined him $25,000.

Even Alosi himself can't quite seem to swallow his dirty and unsportsmanlike move. The picture of his expression running with this New York Times story pretty much says it all.

"You're asking me to give you a logical explanation for an illogical act," he said at a press conference yesterday.

The Jets however deny that they purposely instructed Alosi and other personal to line up closely next to the sideline to act like a barricade to prevent Dolphins runners from running up the sidelines. Which doesn't explain why Alosi and three other members of the Jets organization were standing perfectly in line right up against the edge of the sideline.

This is the second fine the Jets have had to order for shockingly unsportsmanlike conduct concerning the Dolphins this year alone. Back in February, head coach Rex Ryan was fined $50,000 for flipping off Dolphins fans at a mixed martial arts event.

Ricky Williams pretty much gave the best reaction to trip-gate after the game, quipping, "It's the Jets right? We're not surprised."

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Kyle Munzenrieder