Jets' Alosi Did Order "Human Wall," Suspension Extended Indefinitely

Following the biggest scandal involving a trip since that Linda woman was involved in the Lewinsky affair, the Jets announced that they had fined and suspended strength training coach Sal Alosi. Though, they said their was no formal instruction to create a "human wall" of sorts against the sideline. Well, turns out the Jets' investigation now claims that Alosi himself ordered the "wall." Convenient how that clears head coach Rex Ryan of any wrong doing.

ESPN reports that based on new information, the Jets concluded that Alosi "'instructed' five players to stand in a wall before he tripped a Dolphins player on Sunday."

"Over the last day as we continued our investigation we discovered some new information," said general manager Mike Tannenbaum. "The players at the Miami game were instructed by Sal to stand where they were forcing the gunner in the game to run around them. Based on that new information we've suspended Sal indefinitely, pending further review."

Originally strong suspicion amongst Dolphins fans and some players arose that Ryan himself instructed personnel to form the "wall."

Tannenbaum says that Alosi acted alone, and received no orders from Ryan or anyone else in the organization to construct the "wall."

Tannenbaum says that once the investigation is complete Alosi may be fired.

Not to be cynical, but a strength and conditioning coach doesn't usually have that kind of power to instruct players, even inactive ones, to concoct such schemes on the sidelines with out at least some sort of higher clearance. Wouldn't anyone else on the sideline, say Ryan, have noticed what they were doing? It seems fishy that Alosi, who is already in hot water, is going to be taking full blame.

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Kyle Munzenrieder