Jesse Eisenberg Had an Incredibly Awkward Interview With a Miami Journalist

We thought Christian Bale's infamous "Senor Bale" interview with local "film critic" Maria Salas might have been the most awkward exchange between a local journo and a celebrity A-lister ever. Apparently we were wrong.

Hollywood's go-to-leading nerd Jesse Eisenberg was in Miami recently for a junket to promote his new flick Now You See Me, and sat down with Romina Puga, an entertainment reporter for Univision and ABC's soon-to-launch joint new network. It did not go well.

Puga seems like a very particular type of Miami girl who you've met in the bathroom line at Soho House or something, and you can't tell if you want her to be your new BFF for the rest of the night or get the hell away from as soon as possible. The kind who is so casually impolite to you it can throw you off until you remember that, "Oh, yeah, this is Miami. Playful rudeness actually counts as an ice breaker here."

Eisenberg's intuition however apparently leaned toward "get me the hell away from this horrible person" line-of-thinking, and what follows is probably one of the most mutually passive aggressive exchanges we've ever seen come out of a junket interview.

But hey, at least there were magic tricks.

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Kyle Munzenrieder