Jersey Shore's Miami Season Might Include Nudity, Pregnancy, and a Trip to Italy

The tweets of the guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore have fallen silent. That can only mean one thing: filming for the second season has begun and they should be in South Beach soon. You'll probably know for sure when the chemicals in the air from their various tanning solutions, hair gels, laundry detergents, and protein supplements cause your skin to itch in a way that won't be satisfied until you take a bath in medicated boiling water.

Meanwhile, Jezebel tips us off to the fact that the highly respected celebrity journal Star reports that this season promises more nudity and a trip to the homeland, Italy. We're taking bets on which chick will take advantage of Miami Beach's tolerance for topless sunbathing first. We would be taking bets on which juicehead ironically rocks a man thong, but we don't want to encourage that.

Star also says producers really, really want one of the ladies to get knocked up this season. "They're offering a $500,000 bonus for the female cast member who agrees to get knocked up. Snooki might be up for it. She says in a quote that might be unrelated: 'I want twins!'"

So, uh, what kind of bonus does the guy who voluntarily knocks up Snooki get?

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Kyle Munzenrieder