Jersey Shore Warns Potential Shooting Locations of "Public Ridicule, Humiliation or Condemnation"

Even the show's producers understands why no one wants to be associated with the Jersey Shore. Apparently the show was interested in filming scenes at Rapids Water Park up in Palm Beach County, and Jose Lambiet got a hold of the contract MTV requires all potential shooting locations to sign.

The contract ensures that the cast and crew can do virtually anything they want on location, with out having to face any liability. For a supposed "reality" show they also make no secrets that they may distort the truth for dramatic effect. Here's some excerpts:

"For dramatic purposes, (producers) may make certain misrepresentations to you and others," the contract reads. "The Project may lead to emotional strains and pressures on you, your business, your friends, your co-workers and family.

"Your actions and the actions of others displayed in the Project may be disparaging, embarrassing or of an otherwise unfavorable nature and may expose you, your business, your friends, your co-workers and/or your family to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation."

Rapids, like so many Miami Beach clubs, politely declined the producers.

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Kyle Munzenrieder