Jersey Shore Threatens to Tear South Beach Apart at Its Seams

For years, the trashy elements of South Beach have coincided in a relatively peaceful, if not complementary, harmony with its more highbrow and sophisticated forces. Leave it to the power of Jersey Shore to upend all of that.

While MTV has yet to confirm reports that the trash-tastic show will film its second season in SoBe, the Beach is abuzz over the possibility.

Some club and hotel owners are absolutely giddy over the possibility, but others have turned their noses up in disdain.

Despite MovieLine's report that MTV is already renovating a house near Lincoln Road, the Miami Herald reports MTV might be interested in moving the cast to a hotel where they could work and play.

Mike Palma, general manager of the Clevelander, tells the Herald his notorious party hotel would be a perfect fit. And a representative of the South Beach Hotel Group says they'd be willing to take a chance on the cast for the exposure.

The Ritz-Carlton, never a chain known for exclamation points, responded to the Herald's inquiry with an email that read, "Not us!"

"Miami Beach takes pride in the years it took to establish an upscale tourist attraction, and bringing this show to town would lessen that image. Any club or establishment that participates can and should be held liable for such mischievous behavior," Romain Zago, owner of Mynt Lounge, wrote in a statement.

Mynt's website features pictures of an army of scantily clad blond go-go dancers, but apparently Snooki and friends are a bit too lowbrow for the club's liking.

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