Jersey Shore Leaving Miami, Heading Back to New Jersey For Rest of Season 2

The nightmare or dream of playing host to the cast of the Jersey Shore is about to be cut short. Of course, it never made much sense to shoot a reality show called Jersey Shore anywhere else besides the Jersey Shore to begin with.

MTV's own site reports that the first few episodes of season two, which are being filmed now, will be filmed in Miami. However, at some point the group will head back to their original shore-side shack in Seaside Heights.

"It's official, the Jersey Shore cast began filming Season 2 in Miami," said an MTV spokesperson on their site. "Once the boardwalk heats back up, the series will return to the Jersey Shore to complete the season."

No word on when exactly the crew will be leaving Miami, but do try to get your Snooki sightings in while you still can.

As for that casting website, MTV says it's "in place in case the show decides to explore the option of adding new castmembers to the second season."

I think this song best sums up our feelings. For the full effect, listen to it while viewing this gallery of images.

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Kyle Munzenrieder