Jersey Shore Casting New Guidos, but for Miami or a Whole New Group?

So the original Jersey Shore cast in definitely in town. Lesley Abravanel reports the cast members are staying at the Catalina Hotel until they move into their new home, and our sources confirm it. But today, Doron Ofir Casting posted a seemingly legitimate casting call for more guidos and guidettes for Jersey Shore. Isn't it a little too late in the game to be adding new faces when the current cast is already shooting? What is going on?

The site doesn't clarify one way or another, so we have two theories.

1. The new additions will join the cast in the middle of the season. Hey, this could be a good thing for a staged reality show. Kelly Bensimon certainly added to the drama when she was inserted into The Real Housewives of New York City in the second season. Though you could get the same effect as when The Brady Bunch tried to add Cousin Oliver.

2. MTV knows it can't keep the original castmates forever. Their salary demands almost doomed the second season, and shooting it outside of the Jersey Shore kind of doesn't make sense when the show is called, you know, Jersey Shore. Plus they're famous and presumably a bit more self-aware, so the second season might not have all the charming naiveté of the first. So after Snooki and company take Miami, MTV is preparing to recruit a new group to head back to the original Jersey Shore.

Anyway, if you were born without the part of your brain that processes shame and want to be part of the Jersey Shore franchise, head to the casting site and answer questions such as "How do others show you respect? At the club, in the streets, in the gym, etc."

By the way, Riptide is officially on Jersey Shore watch. If you happen to catch any of the cast members out and about, don't be shy about sending us the story, pictures, or other rumors.

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