Jersey Shore Cast Stars in South Beach Spoof of Inglourious Basterds

Because the cast of Jersey Shore will show up just about anywhere they're invited, they've been on George Lopez's TBS talkshow this week re-enacting scenes from this year's slate of Academy Award nominated movies.

Even though MTV hasn't officially confirmed that season two will go down in South Beach, Snooki takes on the Brad Pitt role from Inglourious Basterds to plan the group's attack on our shores.

"Now you all might have heard about a new season in Miami, well you heard right Guidos. We will be dropped into South Beach dressed as civilians. Some might even think we're Cuban. Why? Because we're tan, we're stylish and our English sounds a little fun," barks Cap't Snooki. "Each of you must bang 100 Floridians."

After the jump lies a bonus clip of Vinnie negotiating the season two contracts with Hans Landa.

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Kyle Munzenrieder