Jersey Shore Cast Arrives in South Beach -- With Angelina in Tow

Yesterday we noted the pop-culture luminaries of the Jersey Shore have arrived in South Beach and are staying at the Catalina Hotel (until their full-time pad is ready, we hear), but TMZ reports there was a bit of surprise. Angelina "Jolie" Pivarnic, who lasted only three episodes during the first season, is back.

At the beginning of the first season, she caused a bunch of trouble with her boyfriend and various dudes in the house; then she decided she was too good to work in the T-shirt store, which led to her eviction. Apparently MTV believes in second chances, because she's in Miami (bitch). We're still not sure where the Shore-ites will be "working," but we think as karmic payback, the producers should make her, and her alone, work at the Wings tourist trap store on the corner of Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue and station her strategically in the mankini section.

Angie also has a habit of calling herself the "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island." Sadly, the real Kim has left town, so we won't get to witness a fake-nail death match over the name.

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