Jeb Bush Has 99 Problems: Seriously, Here They Are

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1. George W. Bush is his brother. [Almost Every News Outlet Ever]

2. And he has hired many of George W. Bush's old national security advisers from the Iraq War days as his advisers. [CNN]

3. He has no foreign policy experience. [Politico]

4. The above was apparent when he bungled facts and pronunciations during his first big foreign policy speech. [The Daily Beast]

5. He says he'll "be his own man" but still hasn't really explained how many of his policies would be different from his brother's. [LA Times]

6. Seriously, explaining how he would deal with foreign policy in regard to his family legacy appears to be the main tenet of his foreign policy spiel right now. [Time]

7. He's also George H.W. Bush's son, and apparently he'll struggle under this "dynasty thing." [Chicago Tribune]

8. But as a young man, he had no problem taking advantage of his family's connections and privilege. [New York Times]

9. Back when his dad was VP, he lobbied the Reagan administration on behalf of a guy who would turn out to be a massive Medicare fraudster. [HuffPost]

10. A young Bush also tried to use his dad's connections to get Americans to eat more rabbit meat. [Breitbart]

11. There was that whole Terri Schiavo episode. [The New Yorker]

12. And Michael Schiavo is still ready to be a thorn in his side. [Miami Herald]

13. He signed Florida's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law. [Newsmax]

14. He also championed that 10-20-Life minimum sentencing bill. [Times-Union]

15. Which has attracted controversy lately thanks to the Marissa Alexander case. [HLN]

16. He may have a hard time persuading a lot of Republican primary voters to agree with his views on immigration. [USA Today]

17. Indeed, he once called illegal immigration an "act of love." [Washington Times]

18. But a lot of conservatives still really, really do not like his views on immigration. [TownHall]

19. As governor, he supported a law to issue undocumented workers driver's licenses. The conservative media, including Fox News, regularly go into a tizzy when Democrats support such laws. [AP]

20. Yet it's still not entirely clear what his plan on immigration would actually be. [WaPo]

21. But even Obama is gently picking at problems and differences between Jeb and the rest of the GOP establishment on immigration. [Raw Story]

22. He really, really supports Common Core. [WaPo]

23. And a lot of conservative voters really, really do not. [Boston Globe]

24. Sen. Ted Cruz even came to Bush's home state to badmouth the ex-guv's stance on Common Core. [Sunshine State News]

25. Turns out Jeb and Obama have a lot in common when it comes to education. [The Tampa Bay Times]

26. And speaking of Obama, where does Jeb really stand on Obamacare? Does he secretly love it? [Talking Points Memo]

27. He's an introvert! [Politico]

28. Who has baggage. [The Hill]

29. Some people think he's boring -- but not his mom! [NYDN]

30. A poll shows that 64 percent of voters associate Jeb with "the past." In contrast, 50 percent see Hillary Clinton as representing "the future." [Tampa Bay Times]

31. He's not conservative enough and is a "squishy moderate." [Breitbart]

32. Or he's conservative enough, but nobody knows that yet. [CNN]

33. Or he's too conservative! [Salon]

34. Yet some right-wing outlets think he's an establishment candidate who will "pander" to conservatives. [Daily Caller]

35. And he might not have quite as easy of a time at that as the moderate Mitt Romney did. [Salon]

36. But remember that time he said Ronald Reagan would be too moderate for today's GOP? [AP]

37. His polling numbers aren't great. The Real Clear Politics average shows him leading with just 14.5 percent. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is only a point and a half behind. [RCP]

38. He hasn't run for office in 12 years and might not understand Twitter. [ Politico]

39. Because of that, an Obama adviser compared him to Cutty from The Wire. [CNN]

40. Seriously, his social media game is far from "on fleek." [NBC News]

41. Some worry he's better at governing than campaigning. [WaPo]

42. Will he truly be able to understand millennials? [Pando]

43. His chief technology officer resigned only a few days after being appointed because he forgot to delete tweets making fun of "sluts" and gay men at his gym. [Buzzfeed]

44. That guy also had some interesting things to say about Martin Luther King Jr. [Politico]

45. Jeb's first fundraiser was hosted by a guy who owned a firm that ripped off Florida taxpayers. [New Times]

46. He championed fracking while working for a private equity firm that was about to purchase a bunch of tracking wells. [Tampa Bay Times]

47. He has a hardline stance on the Cuban embargo, which is not really the mainstream view anymore. [Miami Herald]

48. He once worked for a bank that violated the Cuban sanctions, though. [BuzzFeed]

49. In fact, his entire banking career could be an impediment. [CNN]

50. Remember that time he worked for Lehman Brothers? [Tampa Bay Times]

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