Jay Cutler Murdered the Dolphins' Playoff Hopes With One Terrible Pass
Photo by Morgan Coleman

Jay Cutler Murdered the Dolphins' Playoff Hopes With One Terrible Pass

For a moment in time this past Sunday in Buffalo, it seemed as if the Dolphins had a chance to pull off an amazing comeback. Then Jay Cutler happened. Well, that's not entirely true: Jay Cutler happened again.

Cutler had been Cutlering all day, which is how the Dolphins were down 24-6 in the first place. But after a late touchdown run by Kenyan Drake that pulled Miami within one score, the Fins were able to recover an onside kick that gave them just under 40 seconds to drive half the field for a chance to tie the game.

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How did that drive go? Not well. Not too well at all, actually.

Yep. That makes sense. And with that wet-fart Cutler interception, his third of the day, so ends the Dolphins' slim playoff hopes and, for all intents and purposes, the Jay Cutler Era in Miami.

Even if the Dolphins somehow win their last two games, the best they can finish this season is 8-8, which won't be good enough to make the playoffs. With the way this season has gone, that's probably for the best, though. Do we really want a 17th Dolphins game? Maybe 16 is enough.

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