Jason Taylor: "People in Miami Will Quickly Forget About Me"

Do you guys know who this Jason Taylor fellow is? Sounds vaguely familiar. Apparently, he has written a short article for the Sporting News extolling the greatness of Dolphins linebacker Cameron Wake. "I think maybe five years from now, maybe one year from now," Taylor writes, "people in Miami will quickly forget about me and talk about Cameron Wake because I think he has that kind of talent."

Forget about you? Don't worry -- we already have.

We did some snooping around and found a listing for a "Jason Taylor" in the "Not Officially Dead, But Dead to Us" section of Miami-Dade records, and apparently this Taylor fellow used to be a linebacker for the Dolphins. The cause of death was listed as "gangrene."

Taylor wrote a sidebar for the Sports News' preview of NFL training camp titled, "3 Reasons Cameron Wake Will Bust Out This Season." What a weird world it is when a Jets player is complimenting a Fin.

Conflicted over your legacy much there, JT? Hoping there's still a home in our sentimental hearts once New York spits you out after a few seasons?

If you really wanted us to forget about you, you wouldn't be penning public love letters to our roster.

Yeah, we know it's the front office's fault, but you're the enemy now, Jason. Play the part.

Anyway, Wake didn't get much playing time last year in his first season with the Fins, but when he did, it was impressive. Let's hope one day he'll be the kind of franchise player and fan favorite that Bill Parcels can totally ignore in the off-season and watch go off to an AFC East rival without so much as blinking an eye.

In any event, if LeBron James does sign with Wade and Bosh tonight, well, we're pretty sure people in Miami will quickly forget about anyone ever associated with the Dolphins.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.