Jason Bourne Reporting for Duty

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a fantastic piece analyzing how John McCain is letting Florida slip away while Barack Obama has blanketed the Sunshine State. The Gray Lady isn't the only one stressing Florida's importance November 4.

Yesterday, under charcoal gray rain clouds, Hollywood actors Matt Damon, Alicia Silverstone, and Kerry Washington encouraged a crowd of 100-plus Barack Obama supporters attending VoteFest '08, an all-day music festival in North Beach, to get out and vote early. "If Barack wins Florida," Damon explained, "he wins the election. We have nine days left, so put on a pot of coffee and let's get as many people out to the polls."

After his speech, Damon chatted with Banana Republican about Florida's importance in the presidential election. "It's a fact we were all armed with going in," he said. "Everyone knows what happened in 2000. With Obama and McCain neck and neck in Florida, the state has taken center stage again."

Let's hope that on November 4, Florida lives up to its top billing.

-- Francisco Alvarado

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