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Jacory Harris Wanted by Fashion Police

We were just mentioning that the University of Miami football players have kept their arrest records clean, but we've just been alerted that there's an all points bulletin put out by the fashion police out for the arrest of 'Canes star QB Jacory Harris for graves crimes against style. The kid is apparently walking around campus today in the ugliest pair of overalls we've ever seen, and yet, we can't help but love him for it.

Harris sent out this message on his Twitter this morning:

Going to class with an Oakland raiders snap back, no shirt, with the Oakland raiders overalls! Fly!!!!!! I'm me!!

Apparently, despite being a Miami-native, his NFL allegiances are elsewhere. Yes, we secretly wish these were Dolphins overalls. More so for the fact that Aqua and Orange would have made them 100 times more tacky, and thus wonderful, than for anything else.

Oh, and yes, there's also this picture. It's the kind of picture that really makes us wish Joan Rivers was a contributor to ESPN.

This is the guy who promised to wear a pink pimp suit to accept his Heisman. We also can't help but think that a healthy dose of confidence, obviously needed to pull this getup off, will certainly be needed this weekend when Harris leads the 'Canes to "the Shoe" to take on Ohio State.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.