Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Are Now Waving "Jag Rags"

Yes, it totally makes sense that if Jacksonville Jaguars fans wanted their own version of the Pittsburgh Steelers' famed "Terrible Towel" they would call it the "Jag Rag." We're just not sure if the creators realized that name would induce fits of laughter in anyone who is or ever was a teenage boy.

As Deadspin points out, Jag Rag creator Bert Sparks hoped to show the rest of the nation that the Jaguars have a dedicated and enthusiastic fan base.

"How neat would it be to watch a game on the west coast, where we might not think we have many fans and then when the camera pans the stadium we see 'JAG RAGS' flying in support?" he writes on the site.

Because when you're getting all worked up into a fit of frenzy (about football, obviously) and you finally get that sweet, sweet release (because your team scored a touchdown, again, obviously) you need a Jag Rag handy to help with the immediate aftermath.

Sadly, it appears that users of Urban Dictionary have had another definition for the term "Jag Rag" since at least 2004:

a rag used to clean up the mess after jacking (jaggin) off
Oh, my.

That's certainly not what we immediately thought of when we heard the name and started giggling uncontrollably over. Certainly, certainly not.

The good news is though that a portion of each sale goes to charity. So that's good. Even if you're not a Jaguars fan, we're sure you can find a use for it.

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Kyle Munzenrieder