Isiah Thomas Wants to Return to the Knicks and Bring LeBron With Him

Oh how it must eat away at Isiah Thomas every day that he's sitting in his FIU offices coaching a Sun Belt team, while just a few miles away the Miami Heat have become the most talked about team in the NBA. In a chat with ESPN New York, Thomas talks about wanting to return to New York, and hints at trying to bring LeBron James with him.

Thomas became president of the Knicks in '03, and coach in '06 only to be fired in '08. He recently rejoined the team as a part-time consultant while still coaching at FIU. However, he wants to play a major role in bringing an NBA Championship to NYC.

"I want to be on the float and I want to get my ring," he tells ESPN.

He also claims that his plan all along was to stay with the Knicks and lure James to the team this summer. Apparently he still has hopes that could happen.

"I do find it ironic that we all ended up here in Miami instead of us all ending up in New York," Thomas said. "But it's a four-year deal."

Apparently in Isiah World he thinks the Knicks will hire him back soon and he'll be able to bring James with him. Yeah, why don't your work on winning a Sun Belt title first, Zeke.

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Kyle Munzenrieder