Is Race an Issue in SoFla Newspaper Layoffs/Departures?

I've just learned that three old friends are leaving South Florida's daily newspapers: one-time Miami bureau chief David Cazares and columnist Ralph De La Cruz are moving on from the Sun-Sentinel....and editorial page editor Joe Oglesby is retiring from the Miami Herald. That's on top of editor Manny Garcia, who moved from the English language Herald to El Nuevo Herald -- and reporter Elaine Del Valle, who says she's taking a buyout

I started at the Herald with Ralph -- knew David well during my time at the Sentinel -- and bonded with Joe in his crusade against injustice, both in the newspaper and outside it at the Herald. Manny and Elaine are friends as well -- even if it's been a few years.

These are first-class journalists all. And their departures make me wonder how many minority voices will soon be left at our daily newspapers. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are heavily minority communities -- particularly Hispanic here in the Magic City...and the people who report here should reflect them.

Problem is, the bulk of people making these decisions are Anglo....and this may flavor the decisions their thinking. Or maybe it's just coincidence. IN any case, it's trouble for us readers.

Are the daily newspapers going to soon be out of tune with the community they cover? As they slim down,. this seems an important consideration. Can you hear me, Earl and Anders??!!

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