Is Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito Getting Fired on Tuesday?

In any other city, the ongoing tension between City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito would be bizarre. In Miami, it's business as usual. Yet, according to The Miami Herald's sources, the strange saga could come to an end on Tuesday. Apparently, City Manager Johnny Martinez may be preparing Exposito's pink slip for early next week.

Exposito is set to retire in December anyway, but apparently the Regalado administration has had enough of the drama. Martinez will suspend Exposito on Tuesday, apparently, and then the chief has five days to bring his case in front of the City Council. The Council has the final say over Exposito's firing.

As part of his election campaign, Regalado promised to fire controversial former police chief John Timoney and then promptly picked Exposito to take over the role. However, the relationship between Exposito and Regalado has been tense. The two have publicly bickered over everything from gaming machines to a rash of deadly police-involved shootings of unarmed African American men.

According to The Herald, Martinez will likely claim that the Chief "circumnavigated" City Hall back in July, when Martinez refused to allow Exposito to demote three high ranking officers. Exposito put them on desk jobs anyway, even after the manager asked for more information.

Of course, none of this is officially confirmed as of yet.

Though, if you're interested, the job listing for Exposito's job is already online.

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