Insufferable South Florida Blogger Doesn't Have A Sense Of Humor

So I was waiting when good ole Rick from South Florida Daily Blog would chime in with his sanctimonious self-righteous blather about our Luther Campbell campaign coverage. Today he finally came through. As someone who lives in Pembroke Pines and who is too scared to use his real name, Rick sure has a lot of gumption to opine about us.

But we should expect nothing less from a pseudo-intellectual anonymous blogger.

Rick can't even take a real stand when it comes to attacking the New Times story, lamely writing that he was left "wondering whether they [Miami New Times] think Luther Campbell is a viable candidate or

whether the whole thing is just their way of mocking the system and

having some fun."

And I love how he managed to pick out one small snippet out of 22 videos we posted on youtube about Campbell's campaign to somehow illustrate his argument.

I knew Rick would find something to pick on because any headline that includes "Luther Campbell" helps drive web traffic. I find that ironic since he accuses us of doing the same thing. I certainly have no qualms admitting we value the readership Campbell adds to this newspaper.

Strange as it seems to Rick, when Uncle Luke speaks, people listen. If that wasn't true then Campbell would not warrant a 7,228-word profile in the Weekly Standard, the bible of neo-con politics. If Campbell wasn't a viable candidate, he wouldn't be making appearances on Spanish Language radio like he did this morning on WQBA 1140 AM.

My story completely put myself and my bosses out there as clowns, yet Campbell wasn't down for clowning except when he got onstage at Brew at the Zoo and at Eve to get young people excited about his candidacy. Shows you how much we care about full disclosure now doesn't it?

If you read the article then you know that our attempts to get Campbell to play along with mocking the system were unsuccessful. Instead, he was adamant about engaging every resident of Miami-Dade County, from the diehard voters at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club to the hipsters at Eve nightclub, and let them know there is an alternative to the same brand of politicians who have been screwing over Miami-Dade taxpayers for decades.

Rick obviously doesn't get it.

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