ING Miami Marathon: The Unofficial Results

Okay, okay, so the guy who won Miami's ING marathon Sunday, Tesfaye Sendeku Alemayehu of Ethiopia, did it just 2:12:57, just about the time I was finishing the half marathon, or actually before me because it took regular Joes 10 to 15 minutes to get over the start line. And yeah, there was a record number of participants, 21,000 plus with about 4,500 running the whole marathon. Thanks Herald. Thanks CBS Miami.

So it was quite a day.

But what they didn't tell you is that the best sign read -- and I actually saw this twice: Run like you just stole something.

A guy named Raven, who has allegedly run 100,000 beach miles was in the audience. So were a lot of cool drums and bands including the folks from Booker T. Washington High.

That all the runners, and I think this has happened before, passed under a flag that survived 9/11.

And, when I went to a Latin supermarket up the street after the race, they told me they were out of ice. Someone had just bought like 30 to 40 bags to fill their hot tub so they could immerse themselves in it. Damn good idea.

Hope to run it again next year, but the sign-up wasn't ready when I checked.

Any more unofficial results? Post em in the comments section.

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