In Today's Latest Polls, Mitt Romney Now Has The Slight Lead in Florida

The race for Florida's electoral votes remains effectively tied with various polls showing both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama with a slight edge. While polls released yesterday showed Obama with the slightest of leads, today's polls have Romney up by a few points. Though, all leads for both candidates in the past few days have been within the margin of error, so the two remain statistically tied.

The Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters actually does show both candidates tied with 47 percent each among likely voters. Even among all registered voters, the poll finds the two are effectively tied with Obama getting 45 percent and Romney getting 44 percent. Though, Obama leads among those who have already voted, 53-45. About a third of all registered voters in Florida have already cast a ballot.

A Gravis Marketing poll shows one of the largest leads we've seen recently, with Romney up by three points in a 50-47 match-up. Though, Gravis tends to produce numbers that lean more Republican than other pollsters.

A We Ask America poll meanwhile paints the race in Florida as one with less than a full percentage point between the candidates. The poll found 49.8 percent say they'll vote for Romney, and 48.9 percent for Barack Obama.

In the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Romney remains up by 1.2 percentage points. Huff Post's model has Romney up by less than a percentage point, and Five Thirty Eight gives Romney a 59 percent chance of winning Florida.

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