If You Steal Your Neighbor's Christmas Decorations Don't Put Them In Your Yard: Lessons From Dumb Miami Crooks

The best place to shop for Christmas decorations: a store. The best place to illegally "shop" for Christmas decorations: a neighborhood far, far away from yours. The worst place to illegally "shop" for Christmas decorations: a home down the block from your own.

Two women in Sweetwater have been arrested for picking the latter option.

Ingrid Alemendarez had decorated her yard up in grand style. She had hundreds of dollars worth of decorations set up in her yard and, luckily, also had surveillance cameras set up.

On Tuesday, the cameras caught two thieves making off with about $500 worth of the decorations.

"This is what we would consider a grand theft," a Sweetwater Police detective told WSVN. "[They stole] Mickey Mouse on a horse, some hugging penguins, Snoopy on a dog house, and Santa on a sled."

Oh, dear no! Not the hugging penguins! Anything but the hugging penguins! What kind of Christmas is this without a hugging penguin?

Luckily, the hugging penguins didn't travel far. Thank the baby Jesus.

Alemendarez spotted her decorations in a yard just a block from her own and lead Sweetwater Police there on Thursday. Two woman were arrested after being charged with the theft.

To make matters worse, the decorations had originally been purchased and set up by Alemendarez's now-deceased husband.

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