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If Tony Sparano Gets Axed, Should the Dolphins Go After a Superstar Coach? History Says No

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It's not official yet, but another Florida football team may soon be on the hunt for a new head coach. Following the Fin's friggin' seventh home loss of the season, speculation is brimming that Tony Sparano may soon be sleeping with the fishes, professionally anyway. Which means rampant replacement speculation with a number of a-list coaches' names being thrown about has already begun. Let's remember though, the Dolphins have already lured some seemingly a-list coaches in the post-Shula era and none of them, like most things in the post-Shula era, quite worked out that well.

So the two biggest names on the speculation list are Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. Both are currently cooling their heels by working on TV, both are rumored to be possibly looking for new NFL jobs (Cowher, specifically with the Dolphins), and both have won Super Bowls. Hey, a coach with that on his resume and the corresponding ring on his finger should be a slam dunk.

Plus owner Stephen Ross has (embarrassingly) time and time again shown that he loves those bold face names. He's a star fucker through and through, so no doubt he'll be looking for a big name to stalk his sidelines.

Let's remember though, no coach in NFL history has ever won two Super Bowls with two different teams. We already tried it down here. Remember Jimmy Johnson? Lord knows we love him in Miami and his tenure with the Dolphins wasn't that disappointing in retrospect, but he never came close to getting to the big game like he did twice with the Cowboys.

Then again, with recent 'Fins history we might great Cowher or Gruden as saviors if they can win us a playoff game.

There aren't many recent BCS winning coaches available or Ross would certainly be trying to get them on the phone. Unless he wants to wait a week and half to get Chip Kelly or Gene Chizik's digits. Let's remember, once again, only two coaches have won the championship in both the NCAA and BCS (Johnson being one), and we already tried the whole college superstar thing with Nick Saban which lead us to nothing but Cam Cameron.

The coaches who have hoisted the Lombardi trophy in the past few years are either guys who spent their previous seasons as assistant coaches or (often underperforming) head coaches at other teams.

Sure, rules are made to be broken, but a big name really shouldn't be that high on the list of credentials the Dolphins should be looking for if they fire Sparano. Johnson and Saban should have taught them that lesson. Lets hope Ross (and fans) remember that.

Though, a bold-face named quarterback might be nice.

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