If There's One Constant In The World, It's That We Don't Like Rick Sanchez

Have a gander at this mash up from 23/6 of Rick Sanchez's best moments so far from his new 3 p.m. CNN show. The one with a light speed pace where he tries to awkwardly integrate Twitter and Facebook into the presentation.

It's not even like "Breaking, we understand that Angela Merkel just denied Sarah Palin's friend request. What does this mean for potential German-American relations? What, this just in, Vladamir Putin just tweeted a TinyUrl link to a video of a bear on a tricycle." It's just Rick reading a bunch of dumb anonymous web comments.

Yeah, we're a little late on this, but whatever. Miami New Times invented Rick Sanchez bashing. Back when he was the evening anchor at WSVN we gave him the "Best Of" award for “Least Credible News Personality” so often that we renamed the award in his honor. Then in 2000 came this particular inspired (in format at the very least) piece, where we casually accused him of being an agent for Fidel Castro (back then twitter wasn't invented, so Rick had to make a friends only LiveJournal entry about how we're nothing more than a bunch of cocky bullys).

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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