HuffPo Blogger Suzanne Aaronson: "I find Miami a tacky, glamour-less place with little taste and class"

"It is said that Miami isn't a city where glamour and excess are lacking... personally, I find Miami a tacky, glamour-less place with little taste and 'class,'" writes Suzanne Aaronson at the Huffington Post.

It is said that the Huffington Post is a place where journalism's future lies... personally, I find Suzanne Aaronson's review of the Setai/takedown of everything else in Miami a stupid, clichéd piece with little originality or quality writing.

Aaronson fancies herself a "lifestyle curator" (whatever that is) who runs her own, separate website, Suzanne's Files, offering travel tips to "discerning individuals."

Funny, then, that on her website, she writes of Miami: "It's sultry, stylish, and a saucy mix of cultural influences. From the live music to the spicy dishes, this city always pulls me back with its soothing rhythm and hip vibe."

Sure, we admit Miami might be at times a bit tacky, but Suzanne Aaronson is quite hacky.

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Kyle Munzenrieder