Look what our photographer Logan Fazio turned up at the MSTRKRFT show this Saturday: this white gentleman with facial hair and an American flag bandanna wearing a BRCKBM ... okay that doesn't work ... Barack Obama watch. Riptide predicts Obama watches will be the hottest hipster accessory since kaffiyahs. Secular holiday gift alert! With an Obama watch, no matter where the hands are, it is always time for change. 

We cannot find the particular classy version shown here with diamonds, but there is a surprising number of Obama watches available for purchase. ObamaWatches.com has a fine selection of timepieces, all for less than the price of a standard Miami T-shirt. Paper reports you can find this nice red rubber wrist cuff on the streets of New York.

Hot New Accessory Alert: Obama Watch

Time for a Change has

these very patriotic red, white and blue pieces, and you can get a

matching version with Obama's new right hand woman, Hillary, for your,

uh, right hand. Then there's this and this (oh, waving!).


Secret Santas, this makes a great political time piece replacement for

the people in your life who will have to throw out that Bush Countdown Clock on January 20th.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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