Hopeful YouTube Videos of Herald Publisher Turn out to Be Only Mildly Robotic

Seems there are more preemptive obituaries for the Miami Herald than actual obituaries the paper runs nowadays. The boys over on Biscayne Bay have lately made it a point to let everyone know that in fact they aren't dead. First with letters to readers by both Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal and Publisher David Landsberg.

Now there's a video.

Landsberg, surrounded by an ethnically diverse, young, and attractive (well "newspaper attractive") staff, lets everyone know in his best Robby the Robot voice that the Herald is totally fine. No offense, but the camera doesn't love everyone. Not sure if this strikes hope into my heart that the daily will again bloom and prosper. I kind of wish they had gotten a parade of yuppy-looking folks placed against a white wall to tell me to subscribe to the weekend edition.

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