Honduras Does Not Want To Deal With Any Crap From Miami's Resident Antichrist

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, the locally based Antichrist behind the Growing in Grace Church/Cult, just wants to find a couple more followers to sport "666" on their foreheads and worship him as a Jesus-like figure. Isn't that what we all want?

He's had lots of success with that mission here in Miami (where the church is headquartered), and in Columbia, and Puerto Rico. He's also  aggressively branching out into other Latin American countries. Legislators in the Honduran capitol of Tegucigalpa would really prefer that that did not happen. They've already banned Miranda from entering the country, but now they want to stop his Church from erecting a  spiritual center in the city.

The Congress passed a measure to ask authorities to prevent the construction unanimously. Rod Blagojevich didn't even get impeached unanimously, that's how crazy this Miranda guy is. Crazier than Blago ...but, admittedly, with better hair.

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