Hollywood Officials Really Close to Figuring Out Well-Known Graffiti Crew Isn't One Dude

Hollywood cops and politicians are hot on the trail of a "bold graffiti master" defacing their city's walls, or they might be -- once they figure out they're actually after not one guy but a crew.

Yep, yesterday the overall feeling of security among South Florida's graffiti writers improved an estimated 12 percent when the Sun-Sentinel and Miami Herald published stories revealing cops are one Google search away from figuring out how many perps there are.

Good ol' Hollywood city Commissioner Beam Furr said this about a highly skilled mystery tagger:

"It looks like the same signature," said Furr, who initiated an impromptu anti-graffiti discussion during Wednesday's regular city meeting. "He's gotta be proud of his stuff and showing it off to others. Someone has to know who it is and hopefully turn him in.''

While neither story identified the signature, the Sun-Sentinel's version included a photo of one of the offending murals, which clearly reads "MSG Cartel," the tag for one of Miami's most prolific graffiti crews. It's not like we're passing on sensitive information here: MSG has its own website, for chrissakes, where the crew is laughing at its one-baby-step-at-a-time pursuers.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts