Hip-Hop Stars Over Miami Politicians In Overtown

This past Saturday night, Banana Republican witnessed a magical moment in Overtown proving that Miami New Times columnist Luther Campbell has got it right when he says hip-hop has the power to bring people together. A true cross section of Miami's hip-hop lovers came out to Ice Palace Studios to witness The Roots, Q-Tip, Eve, Daniel Merriweather, Kat DeLuna, DJ Irie, DJ D-Nice and R&B king Bobby Brown kill it in the heart of Overtown.

From ashen-skinned, bearded hipsters dressed in short sleeve plaid shirts, jeans and over-sized New Era baseball caps to moppy-haired Jewish kids from the NYC to plump mocha-skinned queens showing too much skin in hoochie dresses to rock-a-billy girls in poodle skirts and saddle shoes, everybody was well represented.

Now imagine if all those people banded together against the shenanigans of Miami politicians like commissioners Marc Sarnoff and Rev. Richard Dunn who want to spend money meant to help the poor people in Overtown pay for cleaning up private parking lots owned by billionaire property owners?

We'd have these fools in check.

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