Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Still Presidential Faves in Florida; Christie Takes Hit

When it comes to presidential candidates, Floridians greatly favor people who are related to someone who has already held the job. A new Quinnipiac poll shows that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are the presidential favorites among Democrats and Republicans respectively, with Hillary being the favorite in Florida overall.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's traffic scandal has had reverberations down here as his popularity in the state has leveled off.

That 64 percent of Florida's registered Democrats say that they'd vote for Clinton in a hypothetical primary should come as no surprise. She's far and away the favorite across the country. Vice President Joe Biden managed to get nine percent, while liberal favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren got five percent. All other candidates mentioned got two percent or less.

The Republican field is more scattered, though Jeb Bush takes the lead with 25 percent. He's the favorite so far in all Republican groups. Though his lead is larger among moderate, non-born-again Christians and non-Tea Partiers, he still holds smaller leads amongst conservatives, born-agains and Tea Partiers.

Marco Rubio comes in second with 16 percent, a full nine points below Bush. The fact Rubio can't do better in his home state doesn't look good should he actually decide to run. Christie meanwhile nets nine percent, down 14 percent from November. Tea Party wunderkind Rand Paul is now in third with 11 percent.

Clinton however would beat them all in a head-to-head matchup. She clears 50 percent against every Republican except for Jeb Bush. Though she still leads Bush 49-43.

Meanwhile, only 35 percent say Chris Christie would make a good president, down from 45 percent in November. Perhaps because 78 percent of Floridians have heard about his traffic scandal. Thirty-five percent said the scandal would make them less likely to vote for Christie, though 56 percent said it wouldn't matter.

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