Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina Is Running Scared

For someone who is the presumed front runner in the race to become the new Miami-Dade Mayor, Julio Robaina is showing he has no backbone. He's been conspicuously AWOL from candidate forums where he knows he'll face a tough crowd and skipped out on his interview with The Miami Herald editorial board. In a letter he sent editor Myriam Marquez and that he posted on his Facebook campaign page, Robaina whines like a little kid who got his milk money taken away by the Gooch.

"The Miami Herald disregards the truth to cast stories with misinformation and erroneous contexts," Robaina writes. "Unfortunately, there will continue to be a great divide between the Miami Herald and our community as long as your newspaper insists on passing off opinions and misconceptions as journalism."

That last dig is Robaina's attempt to put himself in the same stratosphere as the great Cuban American exile leader Jorge Mas Canosa, who once led a campaign against the Herald because of percieved unfair coverage. Well, the Hialeah mayor wishes he could wear Mas Canosa's underpants. But Robaina just comes off as wuss. He's ducking and hiding because he is afraid to answer the tough questions like why he keeps lying about not supporting the Marlins stadium boondoogle when he did.

And as far as all the other scandals clouding Robaina's campaign, he's got no one to blame but himself. No one told him to go become Hialeah's shadow banker, handing out loans at ungodly interest rates. No one put a gun to his head when he "invested" money with a ponzi schemer. And no one forced him to make it legal to put slot machines in every Hialeah gas station. Maybe if Hialeah's mayor actually showed some class befitting an elected official, he'd get the respect he thinks he deserves from the local press corps.

Read Robaina's letter below:

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