Here's What That Fastball Did to Giancarlo Stanton's Face

Giancarlo Stanton, the Marlins' sole source of hope, was escorted off the field last week after getting nailed in the face by a fastball thrown by Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers in an incident that later almost triggered a bench-clearing brawl. A fastball to the face is no small injury, and Stanton has released photos of the aftermath of the pitch and the result a week later. Beware: They're not supergruesome, but they're not for the squeamish either.

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"The Aftermath...Making huge progress!!" Stanton wrote. "Want to thank everyone who has played a part in my recovery process. Your kind messages, thoughts & prayers have meant the world to me. Pushing forward."

The good news is that Stanton's injuries weren't quite as severe as some initially feared. Though, any object hurtling at 88 mph toward someone's face is bound to cause some damage. Stanton required several stitches and suffered dental damage in addition to the obvious swelling.

Stanton is not expected to return during the season's final 13 games.

The Marlins at certain points during the season seemed like honest contenders for a wildcard spot but are now six games behind in the standings.

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