Here's the Gay Dating Ad That Won't Be Airing During the Super Bowl

That gay dating site that wanted to air an ad during the Super Bowl? Not going to happen. CBS nixed it, even as it goes forward with airing Tim Tebow's Focus on the Family-sponsored Pro Life ad.

The ad for ManCrunch.com hit the web today, and it's nothing that controversial. Two dudes watching the game accidentally brush hands while reaching for potato chips, and then start cold snogging. We're not even sure there's actual lip-to-lip. Really, it's less man-on-man action than you'll see during the Super Bowl itself.

"Our standards and practices department decided not to accept this particular spot," said CBS spokeswoman Shannon Jacobs.

ManCrunch said it had the money ready to go, and believes the refusal is discrimination, but CBS also says part of the reason was financial.

Whatever the case may be, the publicity the little-known dating site received might actually be more valuable to the company than a Super Bowl spot.

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