Here's a Video of Chad Pennington Going Bonkers to an Eminem Song

Maybe Chad Pennington is really, really happy he's once again the Dolphins starting quarterback. Maybe he just really, really loves Eminem. Whatever the reason, Pennington went absolutely bonkers this morning on the Dolphins training field when someone piped in Em's "Lose Yourself" and it was all caught on tape. In fact, at one point it looks like he's pretty much fist pumping (probably something he picked up from playing in New Jersey all those years). 

Sports Reporter Jeff Darlington posted the video:

It's not a close up video, and if you can't pick out Pennington, look closer. He's the one dancing like an idiot.

"It didn't get any better since the last time I saw that rap. He wanted it today. He got it. He was on stage today," said Coach Sparano of Chad's little rap according to Darlington's Twitter.

Maybe he needs to call up some 7th Floor Crew members for rap pointers.

We really cannot stand Eminem, but it's good to see Pennington so excited. Hopefully he can carry that energy into the rest of the season.

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Kyle Munzenrieder