Here's a Pro-Medical Marijuana Grease Parody Starring a Former Miami Beach Mayoral Candidate

Comedian-turned-political-rabble-rouser Steve Berke may have lost his latest bid for Miami Beach mayor, but he hasn't given up on spreading the message of his pet political project: legalized pot.

Berke is back with a stab at viral video campaigning with a pro-medical marijuana parody of "You're The One That I Want" from Grease. He even apparently tracked down the original funhouse set used in the 1978 film.

Berke says he found out the funhouse was being used in a county fair in Decatur, Texas, and packed up an RV with his co-stars to travel the twelve thousand miles to film "You're the Law That I Want (Yes on 2)."

"Our crew drove half way across the country because we wanted to make this parody as authentic as possible," Berke says in a release. "We felt compelled to really go to bat for the 1.1 million Floridians who signed the petition to get medical marijuana on the ballot this November."

Berke's two mayoral campaigns included marijuana decriminalization as a main tenant, and Berke says he self-medicates with marijuana to relieve pain from a back injury.

The only issue we have is that we always figured that Frenchie was the stoner in Grease. She was imagining teen angels and whatnot.

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