Here's a Man With a Giant Dolphins Tattoo on His Head

You might think you're a hard-core Miami Dolphins fan, but do you have the team's logo tattooed across the back of your head? No. No, you probably do not. Unless you are Emmett Dove, who on Twitter today shared his mark of the aquatic beast.

Dove, whose Twitter bio indicates he's a resident of Fieldale, Virginia, and Manhattan but also a Miami Dolphins fan, tweeted the photo to Palm Beach Post Fins writer Ben Volin. Dove claims the tattoo is 100 percent authentic.

Ironically, the Dolphins have announced they're planning to slightly update the logo in time for next season, so the tattoo will soon be vintage.

Hey, at least it wasn't a Florida Marlins tattoo. In fact, we can't find any Google image results that a Florida Marlins tattoo actually exists. The best we could find is this, which appears to be only temporary.

Anyone out there hard-core or crazy enough to tat Billy the Marlin on their leg? Let us know.

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Kyle Munzenrieder