Here Are Some Really Interesting Street Couture LeBron James Jerseys

Unknwn, the Aventura Mall shop owned by LeBron James and friends, just debuted online shopping on their website, and to celebrate the store teamed up with street fashion's Dr. Frankenstein-like couturier Dr. Romanelli for a limited edition collection of some, uh, really, really interesting LeBron jerseys.

Romanelli is like a fashion collage artist. He's best known for cutting up old Nike jackets and sewing them back together with exotic and nontraditional fabrics. Basically he's applied the same concepts here for the LeBron Stealth collection.

Would you wear these jerseys? Would you buy them and frame them in your man cave? Would LeBron actually wear these? Would you make fun of LeBron for wearing these? Are these better or worse than Kanye West's fashion label? Are these the ultimate in Hoopster fashion? Even though these are LeBron jerseys, why are we thinking so much about Dennis Rodman right now?

This looks like a really cool paper lunch sack.

This looks like the customized interior of a Lamborghini owned by a person with a really small penis.

This one is kinda cool. This is what LeBron wears when he plays Call of Duty.

For a garment that utilizes camouflage, this isn't going to help anyone blend in anywhere except maybe the closet of an army cadet who moonlights as a drag queen.

This one! We almost like this one! But are those middle panels sheer? Do we need a six pack to wear this?

The collection was apparently once available on the Unknwn website, but the jerseys aren't there at the moment. Maybe all five pieces sold out. We would really like to see actual people in these jerseys.

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