Herald's Unfortunate Ad Bungle

This is horrible, and part of me feels like an ass for pointing this out, but last night I stopped by The Miami Herald's website, because that is what one does in order to stay abreast of the important going-ons in our municipality, and I see this sad headline. It read: "3 children dead in South Dade crash," and was accompanied by a picture of a mangled car.

Before, I could really let this sad news settle in, something starts popping out of the picture of the mangled car.

I wasn't that surprised, I have seen so many annoying flash ads on the Herald's front page before, but this one, was rather unfortunate. Out of the picture of this car where three children have died, comes a kid in a shiny toy convertible waving at me.

It was sort of like if a news website, back in 2001, had this new flash banner from airline with a smiling, happy plane float over their 9/11 coverage, you know? 

In print, ad/content synergy is usually controlled. I.E., you don't see many car ads on pages about high way pile ups, but apparently the media hasn't figure out how to do this online yet.

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