Heat's Chris "Birdman" Andersen Victim in Bizarre Double-Catfish Internet Scheme

In 2012, when current Miami Heat star Chris "Birdman" Andersen was playing for the Denver Nuggets, a Colorado Sheriff's Office Internet Crimes Against Children team seized property from Andersen's home, which led to rampant speculation in the media. At the time, Andersen's attorneys claimed he was the victim in the case.

Now, more than a year later, his lawyers are divulging more details, and it's a bizarre case of double catfishing.

A Canadian woman not only posed online as other people to communicate with Andersen but also posed as Andersen to talk to other victims.

From the Denver Post:

Mark Bryant, the attorney, said Andersen was being impersonated online by a woman in Canada. The woman, posing as Andersen, sought relationships and gifts but also threatened at least one person, Bryant said. The woman in Canada was also posing online as other people to Andersen, Bryant said.

Bryant said the woman, whose name he would not release, has been charged in Canada with multiple crimes. She has not yet been charged in Colorado but could be.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed to the Post that Shelly Lynn Chartier, 29, has been charged with a string of crimes, including possession and transmitting of child pornography, impersonation, extortion, and making threats. However, they would not confirm that Chartier, who lives in a small Manitoba town, is the woman in question.

Andersen and his attorneys claimed last year that he had been chatting online with a young woman from Canada. She sent him several scantily clad photographs of herself. The woman eventually traveled to Colorado (along with ID proving she was over 21) but became angry when Andersen didn't appear to be interested.

The woman and her family (or perhaps just the woman pretending to be other members of her family -- that part isn't exactly clear) then began seeking money and gifts from Andersen.

"I want him to pay for everything on her Amazon wishlist and 5k for her bedding stuff and her victoria secret wishlist," read one email supposedly from the woman's mother.

The fact that the woman was in turn posing as Birdman to scam others is a completely new revelation.

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