Heat Girlfriends Pull Out of VH1 Reality Show

Seems like two life partners of Miami Heat players won't be joining the ranks of Jose Canseco, Flava Flav, that guy who killed his girlfriend, New York, and various people with porny pasts in the pantheon of VH1 Reality shows after all. 

When VH1 and Shaunie O'Neal, Shaq's wife announced plans for a series called Basketball Wives, the cast included a lot of women with connections to the Miami Heat, but the wife and girlfriend of two current player won't be letting the camera follow them around at the behest of their men. 

Udonis Haslem puts on his best old man impression for The Herald to describe why his girlfriend Faith Rain won't be participating: "It was just my standpoint that I don't like reality TV. I don't Twitter. I don't Facebook. I don't MySpace. I don't get involved in none of that stuff. I expressed that, and she decided not to do it."

Dorell Wright also says his girlfriend won't be participating, even though she wasn't included in the initial press release. 

No word on whether Jermaine O'Neal's wife Masha is still signed on, but we wouldn't be too surprised if the sudden change of attitude came not only from their men, but also their men's bosses. Maybe VH1 should shift focus to football wives and give Stephen Ross and the Dolphins a ring. With all their Hollywood gimmicks of late they'd probably love the idea.

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Kyle Munzenrieder