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Heat Comes Back From 27 Points Down, Rally to Beat Cavs for 24th Straight Win

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Just when you think the Miami Heat can't possibly take your emotions to a higher place than they have already been this season, an ordinary Wednesday night in Cleveland happens -- and the streak pushes on.

Down 27 with seven minutes to play in the third quarter, the Heat decided to turn its own personal episode of Walking Dead into a classic comeback. The game would be tied with 10:26 to go in the fourth quarter after an amazing 37-10 run that climaxed with a barrage of LeBron James three-point baskets that left him staring into a crowd that could only stare back in disbelief at their former hero. Are you not entertained, Miami?

The Heat would hang on to win 98-95, a score that will look innocent in tomorrow's paper but was reached in some of the craziest ways imaginable. LeBron finished with a triple double, 25 points, 12 rebounds, and ten assists, most of it coming in the second half in a six-minute sequence that made viewers realize why they call him "Video Game James" among other nicknames that attempt to put his greatness into words. If his goal was to make Cleveland realize what it was missing, message received loud and clear.

Miami got off to another terrible start against the Cavs, something that is becoming somewhat of a bad habit the past few games, but LeBron and company never freaked out.

"I knew there was a lot of time, so we never panicked," James later told reporters. "We were down 27 with 18 minutes left. That's a lifetime in basketball."

It might be time to bring back the LeBron "We Are All Witnesses" Nike campaign, because all one can do is sit back and enjoy the show at this point. If he isn't going through you (RIP, Jason Terry), he's going over you like he did last night.

Some are already wondering if LeBron will return to Cleveland in 2014, but the real question is will LeBron ever come back down to Earth with the rest of us? The Miami Heat is on a "Refuse to Lose" tour, and LeBron James is at the heart of it. Shane Battier, Ray Allen, and Mario Chalmers contributed some clutch threes down the stretch, but in the end it came down to how quickly can we get No. 6 that MVP trophy again? The level of asskickery LeBron has reached is astounding. He has been the sports savior this town desperately needs right now. You rockin' with the best, South Florida.

Streak Watch next takes you back home Friday, when the Heat will take on the Pistons and go for its 25th straight win. Go for its 25th straight win. I had to type that twice to even believe it myself.

After last night's game, it's clear no team is to be taken lightly. Every team playing the Heat right now is bringing their Game Seven NBA Finals shit, while the Heat is deciding midgame how many minutes of true Heat basketball they would like to give all of us. The Heat is a few games from being able to field an entire team of Iranian League All-Stars for the last few games and still go into the playoffs as the first seed in the East. What a team, and what a ride it's been thus far this season.

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