Have Some Extra Exotic Animals Around Your House? Give Them to Zoo Miami on March 12th

Riptide recently moved, and as with every move came a long hard look at our possessions: what were we taking with, what was being donated somewhere, and what was to be shown the dumpster. Of course, as we understand is normal, we stressed over what to do with our vast private collection of exotic animals. Do we really need that Capuchin monkey anymore? Was it time to downsize our inventory of Burmese Pythons from six to just two? And what about the Fennec Foxes we keep in the guest room? Luckily for people having similar problems Zoo Miami will take those extra exotic pets off your hands on March 12th. 

In conjunction with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Zoo Miami will host an event on March 12th between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in which citizens can surrender unwanted exotic pets.

The aim is to keep the animals from being otherwise released into the wild and messing up Florida's delicate ecosystem.

In turn, most healthy animals surrendered will be available for adoption by qualified owners.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that at the event held last year, about 70 animals were surrendered including 8 Burmese pythons, 16 red-eared sliders, two parrots and a monkey.

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Kyle Munzenrieder