Hard Drive with ID Data Stolen from Jackson Memorial Hospital

When I'm not writing Riptide, I live a life of crime.* Sorry, I wasn't here a couple of days last week, but I had an art heist to pull off at the Louvre.

Anyway, earlier this month, I was hanging out at Jackson Memorial Hospital, as I tend to do, and saw a hard drive and swiped it. My computer is overflowing with MP3s because I've been illegally downloading the music of various WMC artists trying to decide which ones sound like they have the most expensive gear (for me to steal naturally), and needed the extra space.

Well, funny thing. It seems Jackson Memorial Hospital put out a release letting me know that the hard drive I stole is full of valuable ID data -- even though they seem to know I stole it just for the hard drive and not the information. But now that I know, I am applying for tons of fraudulent credit cards. Which I won't even use, because I pretty much steal everything I need anyway.

Apparently, though, I won't get lucky again, because the Jackson folks say they'll store information in off-site locations and destroy this kind of info after 30 days. Bummer.

[AP: Miami hospital reports stolen hard drive]

*not true

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