Hank Adorno Is a Bad Man

​Every night, before he goes to sleep, Hank Adorno must get on his knees, fold his hands, and thank Papa Dios he hasn't lost his license to practice law.

Last year, the Florida Bar found that the civil attorney and prominent Miami citizen violated nine bar rules when he orchestrated a $7 million class action settlement that distributed money to only seven people instead of all Miami taxpayers.

The bar claimed Adorno breached his fiduciary duty to Miami property owners by making false statements in court, charging excessive fees, and representing one client to the detriment of others in a botched attempt to end a lawsuit aimed at abolishing the city's controversial fire fee.

Adorno negotiated the settlement to the city that guaranteed his firm a $2 million contingency fee. The settlement was thrown out when Adorno and the city's flimflamfoolery was exposed.

Well, this past January 6, a judicial referee threw out part of the bar's findings. Broward Circuit Judge Jack Tuter ruled that Adorno did not mislead the court when he presented the settlement. But he did find that Adorno breached his fiduciary duty to Miami taxpayers "for pecuniary gain by accepting a resulting excessive attorney fee."

Read Tuter's ruling after the jump.


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