Haha, This Satire Video Sure is Funny ...Oh, Sh*t They're For Real?

I wish this YouTube video was a satire of the worse tendencies of fear mongering conservatives (like that ill-concieved New Yorker cover), but holy shit it is an actual, earnest piece put out by Social Conservative PAC Government is Not God.

The video is a newscast from the future, just days after Obama is elected. In their twisted little fortune telling Bill Ayers is director of Home Land Security, Rev. Wright is head of Faith Based Initiatives, and Farrakhan leads state prayer. Obama's platform apparently includes a forced abortion policy similar to China's. Michelle Obama reads children books about blowing up the pentagon and one called "Heather and Her Two Mommies Aren't Proud of their Imperialist Country," and the kicker? Osama Bin Ladin releases a tape saying he can't wait to meet with President Obama without preconditions and predicts they'll get along because they both have terrorist friends.

These people honestly think that this is what an Obama Presidency would bring, and on a certain level that is far scarier than anything they present in their video. Salon, today, blasted the lady, Janet Porter, who plays the apocalyptic news anchor for witting a column suggesting that if you vote for Obama, you're going to hell, but somehow they missed this.

So who does Government is Not God think should run our country? In 2006 they endorsed Tom "Miami is a third World Country" Tancredo, Rick "Santorum" Santorum. This year they're behind Michelle "McCarthy" Bachmann and of course John McCain. But, their candidates don't do to well. Everyone they endorsed for Senate in 2006 lost.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

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